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Turners supports the production of digestate – a renewable energy pellet

renewable energy pellets

Digestate is a nutrient-rich, renewable energy pellet produced by the anaerobic digestion of organic bio-waste such as energy crops, food stuffs, and straw products.  Following the processing and drying of digestate, it can be used as for renewable energy fuel products, organic fertiliser, and animal bedding.

Effective production

To enable the effective production of biomass fuel pellets, Turner Process Equipment have managed the delivery and installation of two Amandus Kahl 37-850 flat-die pellet presses for an East Anglian-based renewable energy producer.

Fully integrated system

Each pellet press has been supplied complete with an agitator bin, a feeder/proportioning screw and mixing screws. The flat-die machines, both rated at 2.2tonne/hour, are configured to produce fuel pellets from a gravity-fed supply of dried digestate. The digestate is pressed through a die by pan grinder rollers, formed into strands, and then cut to the desired particle length by integrated cutting blades.

renewable energy pellets
renewable energy pellets

Also supplied and installed by Turner is an Amandus Kahl water proportioning/addition system and a Siemens HMI touchscreen-based press controller.

Functional installation

Each Kahl pellet press has been mounted on a raised steel baseplate, while the agitator bins, proportioning screws and mixing screws are all supported on, or suspended from, a structural steel platform fabricated and supplied by Turner.

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