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Case Study: Optimizing Feed Mill Operations with New Conditioners


Client Overview

Avara Foods Ltd, a leading food production company, embarked on an ambitious upgrade project for their existing feed mill facility as part of Phase 2 of their expansion plans. Their goal was to enhance operational efficiency, improve pellet quality, and streamline production processes while minimising downtime.


Project Scope and Challenges:

Avara Foods required the design, supply, and installation of new conditioners for their existing press lines to increase capacity to approximately 18 to 20 metric tonnes per hour. The project had to incorporate a hot start and long-term retention system, delivering improved pellet quality and reduced fines within a strict 6-week shutdown timeframe.


Equipment and Installation Details

Turner Process Equipment was tasked with extending the press platform and installing new equipment, including PTN Twin Conditioners, feed hoppers, screw dischargers, liquids and steam addition systems, filter units, and control panels. The project involved intricate site work, such as rerouting exhaust ducts, dismantling existing structures, and conducting precise crane lifting operations for equipment installation.



Key Project Components:


    • Design and Construction: Collaborative efforts between TPE and project partners ensured a robust design and seamless integration of new equipment into the existing feed mill layout.
    • Installation and Site Work: TPE managed complex site logistics, including roof removal for crane access and pre-assembly of structural components to minimize downtime during installation




Commissioning and Hand-Over

Thorough testing and commissioning were conducted to ensure the new equipment operated at peak performance, with a successful hand-over within the agreed 6-week shutdown period.


Project Value and Duration

With a project value of approximately £750,000 and a duration spanning 10 months from conception to completion, TPE and its partners executed the upgrade efficiently and within budget, meeting Avara Foods’ stringent requirements.



Results and Impact

The installation of advanced conditioners and associated systems led to a significant enhancement in production capacity and pellet quality at Avara Foods’ feed mill. The upgraded lines now operate at optimal efficiency, contributing to increased output while maintaining product integrity.


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