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Case Study:  Three-Tier Mixing System Installation for Avara Foods Ltd


Project Overview

Turner Process Equipment Ltd recently completed a significant upgrade at Avara Foods Ltd’s existing feed mill, implementing a new three-tier mixing system. This upgrade, forming Phase 1 of the feed mill enhancement project, was a design and construct contract aimed at improving the plant’s efficiency and capacity.


Client Specifications and Project Scope

Current Capacity: 48 tonnes per hour
Future Potential Capacity: 60 tonnes per hour (subject to further upgrades)
Batch Size: 4000kg
Maximum Shutdown Period: 6 weeks
Mixer Supplied by Client: Ottevanger Paddle Mixer Model PM8000



Turners was tasked with designing and installing new equipment, including:

  • Independent steel support structure with floors and access stairs
  • Mixer top and bottom hoppers
  • Liquids addition system
  • Feed and discharge conveyors
  • Elevator and filter units
  • Starter/control panel




Installation and Site Work

The installation process included comprehensive site work to ensure minimal disruption and efficient completion within the six-week shutdown window. Key activities involved:

  • Safely disconnecting and removing existing equipment
  • Removing roof sheeting and purlins for crane access
  • Dismantling the existing mixing plant and support structures
  • Partially pre-assembling new support structures to minimize the roof removal period
  • Conducting crane lifts for the installation of pre-assembled support frames, mixers, hoppers, and conveyors
  • Recladding the roof to make it weathertight
  • Final mechanical and electrical installations, including local lighting and small power setups



Commissioning and Handover

The project included extensive testing and commissioning phases to ensure operational readiness:

  • Dry testing of the equipment
  • Wet testing and commissioning in collaboration with the software provider
  • Completion and handover within the agreed six-week timeframe


Project Value and Duration

Project Value: Approximately £1.0 million
Project Duration: 10 months from initial design to completion



Key Project Team and Partners

Turner Process Equipment collaborated with several key partners to achieve the project goals:

  • Principal Contractor: O’Brien Morran
  • Structural Design: Plandescil Ltd
  • Electrical Design and Installation: DB Brooks Ltd
  • Mechanical Installation: Brookshaw Stuart
  • Plant Control and Software: DSL Ltd
  • Utilities and Site Services: Avara Foods Ltd



Completing the installation of the three-tier mixing system for Avara Foods Ltd was a rewarding experience for the Turner Process Equipment team. Not only did we successfully enhance the feed mill’s capacity and efficiency, but we also had the pleasure of working closely with Avara Foods and our project partners. The collaboration was seamless and the project ran smoothly, thanks to the dedication and expertise of everyone involved. We are proud to have delivered this project on time and within budget, and we look forward to supporting Avara Foods Ltd in their future expansions and continued growth.