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Design and project management for odour reduction system

Design and project management for odour reduction system

GDE Associates (UK), sister company of Turner Process Equipment, has been actively involved in the design and project management of a new odour reduction system for a pet food manufacturing plant located in Welwyn Garden City.

Complaints of odours being emitted by a pet food plant had been received by the environmental health department of the local authority.

System design

The system design employs activated carbon filtration units from Belgium-based manufacturer and supplier of air emission control systems, Desotec, to handle and treat exhaust air from the extruding plant dryers, cooler and grinding plant.

odour reduction system
odour reduction installation

Stainless and galvanised exhaust ducting, a vertical clean air stack, associated control valves and support steelwork, and maintenance monitoring access platforms were supplied by Turner Process Equipment.

Mechanical installation

The mechanical installation, inclusive of the repositioning of an existing 27.5m high clean air exhaust stack, was undertaken by mechanical installation specialists Brookshaw Stuart Ltd.

A viable, cost-effective solution

The odour reduction system has now been running successfully for several months and has provided a cost-effective, efficient solution to the environmental issues that were experienced prior to installation.

pet food plant
pet food plant

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