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How can animal feed production be sustainable?

animal feed production

If there is one key driver for the 21st century business, it is sustainability. And nowhere more so than in animal agriculture. In 2013, the United Nations’ Trade and Environment Review cited agriculture as both a key driver and major victim of climate change. Animal agriculture is responsible for 14% of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions

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Why corn is the most widely produced grain in the world

corn widely produced grain

Corn, or maize as we call it in the UK, is big business all over the world. In 2019-20 the world produced 1166.34 million metric tons of its favourite grain, up from 822,712,527 metric tons in 2008. In Britain, we may have cornflakes for breakfast, a bag or two of popcorn at the cinema, and

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How would a switch to seasonal foods affect food processing?

food processing

Did you know that food production is responsible for 76% of greenhouse gas emissions, and of those emissions 18% come from food processing? Or that UK supermarkets produce 114 billion tonnes of single-use plastic a year? No wonder eating locally and seasonally are becoming mainstream. To be local, foods must be grown within a few

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What are the repercussions of poor soil?

poor soil

Quietly, under our feet, without most of us even noticing, a problem has been reaching crisis point. Our soil has become so degraded since the introduction of intensive farming in the early 20thcentury that we are teetering on the brink of being unable to save it. Soil may seem like nothing much, but it is

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Are our favourite foods going extinct?

favourite foods going extinct

Whenever we visit our local supermarket or convenience store, we expect our favourite foods to be readily available and sitting on the shelves. But what if our favourite foods and ingredients were to become scarce, and not available to buy so easily? Should we be in anyway concerned about the continued supply of foods that

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How will the new legislation for sustainable farming benefit the UK?

sustainable farming

In the most significant change to farming and land management in 50 years, the UK government plans to deliver a better, fairer farming system in England. The aim is to transform the way in which farmers are supported. Changes will come into force over a seven-year period to help farmers adapt and plan for the

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How will the worst wheat harvest in 40 years affect the UK?

wheat harvest

Extreme weather conditions across the UK during 2020 have resulted in the country’s worst wheat harvest in 40 years. The effects of a poor harvest are having an impact across a broad range of farming and food industries. These unforgiving conditions combined with looming concerns over Brexit have left UK arable farmers anxious for the

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Does the growth of plant-based diets impact the UK animal feed industry?

plant-based diet

In recent years, the popularity of veganism has rapidly increased, with many high-profile celebrities, athletes and a plethora of social influencers promoting the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. More people are now experimenting with or following a plant-based diet, which means they have chosen to become vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan. A 2020 survey of UK

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New Digestate Pelleting Plant successfully commissioned

digestate pelleting plant

Plant installation and commissioning Turner Process Equipment in conjunction with Amandus Kahl, have recently designed, supplied and installed a new digestate pelleting plant for a large renewable energy producer in East Anglia. Process design and equipment supply The process design and equipment supply commenced at the outlet of the client’s existing raw material dryers through

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Parts and after sales service

parts and after sales service

During the tough and challenging times of 2020, Turner Process Equipment have been able to remain open to ensure our clients, customers and end users have access to spare parts, consumables, after sales service and essential technical support. Since the UK lockdown restrictions were eased in early summer, all UK staff have now returned to

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