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How Food Manufacturing Can Combat Inflation

Inflation in Food manufacturing

In the fast-paced world of food manufacturing, combating inflation is a top concern for businesses. As prices of raw materials and operational costs continue to rise, it’s imperative for food manufacturing companies to adapt and innovate. Here, we discuss strategies for the industry to embrace change and stay resilient in the face of inflation.  The

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How to Choose the Right Industrial Process Equipment for Your Business

industrial process equipment

In manufacturing, choosing the right equipment is key to maximising efficiency and productivity. Do that, and you’ll keep clients happy and stop them from looking at one of your competitors. How to choose the right industrial process equipment. But before investing in new tools and machinery, you must do your homework first. To do that,

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Plant-based milk – a booming market


The dairy alternatives market is thriving and enjoying record levels of growth. Across all market sectors whether it’s vegan milk, cream, cheese, or ice cream, the industry is booming with more people able to enjoy a broader range of vegan products than ever before. The rise of plant-based milk Until recently, market demand for dairy-free

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The benefits of sustainable factory planning

sustainable factory planning

As we all know, there is no Planet B, and with global consumption of raw materials set to double to 167 Gigatonnes by 2060, the environmental damage caused by human consumption is increasingly severe. Gone are the days when green production was a method of brand positioning favoured by niche businesses or the larger businesses

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Challenges facing the food industry in 2022/23: What are the solutions?

challenges in the food industry

  The storm created by Brexit, Covid 19, and the invasion of Ukraine looks to be reaching a crescendo in 2023. And nowhere more so than in the food industry, where the just-in-time supply chains are complex and global, and raw ingredients, energy and labour are tricky, to say the least. Energy costs soar Food

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How customers are willing to pay more for sustainable food

sustainable food processing

  The environment and sustainability may have been important issues for a minority of people for a long, long time. However, it has seemed that, when it comes to the weekly shop, mainstream consumers have historically been more interested in value for money. Not anymore. More and more people are realising that how they spend

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As inflation rages, what can food manufacturers do to combat this?

process manufacturer inflation

  It’s probably no surprise to anyone that the food industry has been one of those most impacted by the surge in inflation of the past several months. Inflation is coming at the UK’s food and beverage manufacturers from every angle. A perfect storm for inflation Sixty per cent of the industry’s manufacturers report being

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The rise in plant-based alternatives in food manufacturing

The rise in plant-based alternatives in food manufacturing

Whether it’s because people are concerned about animal welfare, climate change or their shopping bill, the demand for plant-based foods is reaching a tipping point, and food manufacturers need to be acutely aware of this growing phenomenon. Vegetarianism and conscious consumerism are no longer on the fringe of the consumer world. In the UK, it’s

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Turner Process Equipment’s role in building Europe’s largest oat mill

Europe’s largest oat mill

Oats have been growing in importance as a cereal grain crop for a couple of decades now. Once mainly used just for porridge, muesli, and biscuit products, oats are now a vital ingredient in many plant-based foods and drinks. Indeed, oat milk is an increasingly popular alternative to dairy milk. Oats’ importance as a food

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What role does technology play in modern milling?

modern milling

We are a nation that loves baked goods. Very few of us, only about 0.2% of the population, don’t buy bread. Indeed, about 30% of the goods in our shopping baskets have flour in. Between us, we get through 12 million loaves of bread, 5 million packets of biscuits, 4.5 million cakes, and 2 million

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