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Specialist Consultancy Services in partnership with our sister company


Operating in conjunction with your production team we are able to provide assistance at all stages of the supplier selection process

Tender specification writing

We can undertake the preparation of detailed and complete tenders and performance-based technical specifications. Tender documents are configured to encourage competitive tenders, with specific performance and quality criteria to also ensure compliance with all current (and foreseeable) regulations and statutory requirements.

Supplier selection

Our detailed knowledge of the industry means we can advise on the best firms to approach for a given project. If required, we can also prepare and review an initial “Pre-Qualification Questionnaire” to create a short list of approved contractors to whom an Invitation to Tender is sent.

Documents are structured to ensure that the supplier with the most appropriate solution is given the chance to shine, with absolute clarity on the requirements of the project and minimal scope for misinterpretation.

Where appropriate we can build in sufficient flexibility to allow tendering companies to offer standard products as well as contribute new ideas and innovations.

Tender Assessments and negotiations

The level of support available extends to attending tender interviews, responding to Requests For Information, assessment of tenders, review of and commentary on drawings and contract documents, clarification of exceptions and ambiguities with the tenders and submission of a written summary report including our recommendations.

We can discuss contractor discounts and undertake negotiations on behalf of the client to ensure that the most commercially viable and robust solution is in place before installation work commences.

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