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Case Study Mole Valley Feed Solutions Ltd.

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Case Study: Turner Process Equipment Ltd.

Client: Mole Valley Feed Solutions Ltd.
Project: New RM Storage/Blending Bins – Design & Project Managed Contract




Turner Process Equipment Ltd. (TPE) was contracted by Mole Valley Feed Solutions Ltd. (MVFS) to upgrade their existing feed mill. This extensive project involved the design and project management of new raw material (RM) storage and blending bins, without disrupting ongoing mill operations. The project was valued at approximately £4 million and spanned 18 months from initial design to completion.



Plant Design Capacity and Specifications

The project required the construction of a new building adjacent to the existing bins and grinding plant, with 12 major ingredient bins (70 tonnes capacity each) and 7 minor ingredient bins (6.5 tonnes capacity each). The major ingredient bins were fed by an existing 150 tonnes per hour intake system, while minor ingredient bins were fed from big bags. The blending and weighing system was rated at 60 tonnes per hour, supporting future plant upgrades. Two 3000 kg capacity weighers for major ingredients and two 500 kg capacity weighers for minor ingredients were installed, integrating seamlessly with the existing grinding plant and new blending plant.



New Equipment and Plant Components

The project included constructing a new steel-framed mill building to house the blending bins, weighers, and handling equipment. Key features of the building encompassed:

  • Blending bins and weighers

  • Handling equipment and existing grinding plant integration

  • Big bag handling system and filtration/exhaust system

  • Access stairs, platforms, and a lifting well for machinery maintenance

  • Big bag/tote bin storage area and room for future expansion

  • Twin skin insulated profile cladding for noise and temperature control

  • Switch room for starter/control panels



Site Construction and Civil Works

The construction phase entailed dismantling and removing the existing building and redundant equipment, clearing and levelling the site, and performing special ground compaction to eliminate piling. Civil works included foundations, pits, and floor slab construction, extending the truck park, and improving access roads and paved areas. The new steel-framed building featured insulated cladding on the roof and walls.



Mechanical and Electrical Installation

Key tasks during this phase involved relocating the existing panel room, safely disconnecting equipment for removal, and installing bins, hoppers, supporting steelwork, intermediate floors, access stairs, and lifting beams. The mechanical handling equipment, weighers/hopper scales, filtration system, interconnecting spouting, and supports were also installed. The electrical installation covered panels, site wiring, containment, building lighting, and small power.



Commissioning and Handover

The project culminated in a thorough commissioning process, which included dry testing, wet testing, and software integration, ensuring all systems functioned optimally before handover to MVFS.



Project Partners and Team

  • TPE Ltd.: Principal Designer/Project Manager
  • O’Brien Morran: Civil Works, Mill Building & Principal Contractor
  • Plandescil Ltd.: Structural Design
  • JS Engineering Ltd.: Bin Design, Fabrication, Manufacture/Supply, and Mechanical Installation/Erection
  • MVFS Ltd.: Production/Electrical Engineering/Design & Site Wiring Installation
  • DSL Ltd.: Plant Control/Software


feed mill


Turner Process Equipment Ltd. successfully managed and executed a comprehensive feed mill upgrade for Mole Valley Feed Solutions Ltd, meeting all specified requirements and ensuring a seamless transition without disrupting ongoing production. This project Turners expertise in designing and managing complex industrial upgrades, reinforcing our reputation as a leading provider in the field.

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