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New container loader is ideal for dry bulk commodities

New container loader is ideal for dry bulk commodities

Hundreds of thousands of shipping containers regularly arrive and depart from the UK carrying all manners of diverse products, bulk commodities and consumables.

Transporting bulk product

The ubiquitous container has become a highly effective way of transporting bulk commodities such as malted barley, cereal grains, coffee beans, plastic pellets, and many others bulk products

Container loading system

The demand for an efficient container loading system, that maximises utilisation of available container volume, has led Turner Process Equipment to design and develop a new mechanical filling system that enables lined, empty containers to be filled with bulk commodity products quickly and easily.
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New MK2 Design

Turner Process Equipment have recently delivered a new container loader to a Yorkshire-based business producing malted barley for the brewing and distilling industry. This installation features the first of Turner’s new MK2 container loader design to be manufactured and commissioned.  

Static installation

This is a static unit with the loader frame and rails mounted on support steelwork provided by the client. A mobile trailer mounted option is also available. The unit is fed from an existing overhead bulk bin.

Loading operation

A fully integrated control systems allows either a manual or automatic loading operation.  The loader is designed primarily for filling 20ft containers at a nominal capacity of 60tonne/hour but can also be used for filling 40ft containers and high cube units.

With the twin screw and adjustable boom design the unit can be used to fill plastic lined containers with a variety of bulk commodities enabling exporters to make use of, and refill containers which otherwise would typically be returned empty to the country of origin.

Demand from overseas markets

Overseas markets create a large demand for UK malted products such as barley. Many bulk malt products require a loading system that can handle product in an appropriate manner to ensure efficient loading characteristics and produce minimal product degradation within a lined container.

Purpose-built solution

The Turner MK2 Bulk Container Loader offers a unique purpose-built solution to the containerising of bulk materials and commodities.

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