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Electrical Appliance Dismantlers


Used appliances like vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, toys; medical equipment; and electric or electronic tools have to be dismantled for separating the plastic housings from metal parts. The manual dismantling is time consuming and dangerous.

The CRACK-O-MAT executes these works safely and effectively. It breaks the plastic housings and crushes them roughly. Now, the contents are easily accessible and can be separated. Boards, motors, dust bags and filters remain largely intact.

The opened plastic housings are presented to manual sorting. The discharge quantities can be adjusted according to the operating demands.

The CRACK-O-MAT is robust with few servicing requirements. The machine needs only low driving power. It distinguishes itself by an extreme low noise level and low emission values. The low operating costs enable the CRACK-O-MAT for electrical appliances to realise a fast pay back.

Electrical Appliance Dismantlers

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